Scandinavian Jewelry

Jewelry Cleaner - Silver Dip - Solje Jewelry Cleaner
Jewelry Wipes for Bronze, Pewter & Silver Jewelry


Silver Dip Jewelry Cleaner - 8 oz Jar 

This Silver Dip Jewelry cleaner from
Connoisseurs is AMAZING!

Great for making your Sølje and
other silver jewelry shine and sparkle. 

Tip of the day:
  When not using your Sølje/silver jewelry
 keeping it in an airtight zip lock bag will
  help prevent it from tarnishing and keep
it looking like new.

Silver Dip, 8 oz Jar
10101    $6.95

Jewelry Wipes, 25 Ct.

Don't have time to stand and polish your jewelry?
Then these will become your best friend.

Wipe N' Wear Jewelry Wipes are perfect for
giving your jewelry that luster and shine.

There's no mess because they are dry.
The perfect gift for all your friends.
They will love you for it.

Wipe N' Wear Jewelry Wipes, 25 Ct.
10102    $7.95